The list of the people who contributed to the project NS Wallet one way or another:

Idea, initial development and team lead
  Alexander Bykov

  Andrei Sushynski
  Ilya Lehchylin
  Sergey Shushin
  Sergey Shpilevskiy

  George Korneychik

Marketing and administration
  Alexander Bykov
  Gennady Sharaburko

  Alexander Bykov
  André L. G. Corrêa
  Cesc Paredes
  Chiara Barban
  Ilya Lehchylin
  Karina Dolgunova
  Pierre Fauque
  Robertino Kotev
  Zoltán Pogrányi
  Tadeusz Woliński

If you would like to contribute to NS Wallet

  • if you are developer, solve any issue or implement new feature, check our wiki for contributers
  • if you are willing to test the app, subscribe to our BETA channel to have early access to new releases Google Play BETA channel
  • if you are just happy user, spread the work about the app to your friends and colleagues and subscribe to us in social media